Please bear with me as I work to remake the new site. The old one is gone, forever. A botched Fantastico WordPress upgrade really screwed up my install and destroyed one of my sites, so I decided to start it all over. Keep your eyes peeled.

  • Kelly

    Oh dude, that sucks. I guess, at the very least, it’s good experience for not blowing away the Archives’ blogs?

  • BitShare

    I can’t imagine starting all over. It’s a bad feeling, I feel for you!

    • Ellie K

      DavidShar3s this is a pleasant surprise! I miss you on MySpace. I hope you and your young lady friend are well.

      Webmaster Kevin: JH is wrong. This is a pleasant WordPress website, not suck-tackular at all! It merely needs a few more entries, I enjoyed the Beatles cover of

      • BitShare

        Hey @Ellie_K:disqus! Yes it is a pleasant surprise indeed! Yes, Myspace just isn’t what it was before unfortunately. I know I see you on G+ sometimes, please connect with me there, or on Twitter! :)

  • JH

    Your site sucks BAWLSS!!!